Who Are We?

The Uptown Rutland Business Association ("URBA") is responsible for administering government funding each year to promote the businesses and assist members of URBA.  Any business within the Rutland Business Improvement Area ("BIA") area is a member once they have had a business licence for 6 months. To see if you fall within the Rutland BIA and are therefore a member of URBA, please see the map located at the bottom of the URBA page. The BIA area is legislated by bylaw and is assessed through property taxes which creates the structure of URBA's annual budget.

Members are entitled to participate in URBA events which are ongoing year round. Members are encouraged to attend meetings to find out more about what is happening in Rutland.  Newsletters and websites keep members up to date and informed.

URBA is a member of the Provincial Business Improvement Areas of BC.

Who Leads URBA?

Annually, the members (you) elect a Board of Directors who provide leadership and partner with the staff to carry out the obligations and duties of URBA while continuing to strengthen and enhance the viability of Rutland businesses. The Annual General Meeting is held in March, with Board of Director meetings held the third Wednesday of each month. All members are welcome; contact the Executive Director for details.

Benefits of URBA Membership:

URBA coordinates major events and activities annually that are designed to attract people to come to the area to shop and conduct business in Rutland. URBA encourages members to do business with each other - Keep business in Rutland!

  • URBA lobbies on behalf of its members with the City of Kelowna for projects such as infrastructure improvements, beautification projects, public washrooms, signage, and more.
  • URBA develops partnerships within the community with the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission, Community Futures, RCMP Community Policing, Arts and Culture groups, John Howard Society, Canadian Mental Health Association and more.
  • URBA is in regular contact with all levels of government - Mayor & Council, MP Tracy Gray, MLAs Norm Letnick & Steve Thomson.
  • You will receive E-newsletters once month that keep you up to date on issues, opportunities and events taking place in the area.
  • You can get involved with the URBA by joining a committee or becoming a Director on the URBA Board of Directors.
  • You can access the Board of Directors and the Executive Director for assistance with information, contacts and other resources to help build your business.


You may be eligible for membership if you meet all criteria:

  • You or your business rents, leases or owns class five or class six real property as referred to in Section 215 of the Community Charter S.B.C.1953.
  • No person shall be a member of the Society unless that person is a Property Owner or Tenant for at least SIX (6) months
  • View URBA Boundaries on the URBA map

You are ineligible for membership if you meet any of these criteria:

  • Your business is home-based or residential.
  • Your business lands outside URBA’S boundaries.
  • The property that you rent is within URBA boundaries but does not pay a BIA levy amount.
  • Not in good standing with URBA for 60 consecutive days.
  • Any of the information provided to URBA has been falsified or is incomplete.

Great value! There is no fee to activate your membership.

URBA is funded by a special municipal levy that is paid by commercial properties in the area, and shared by tenants through their rent.