Prospectus Map Launch

May 23, 2018

Looking for a new prospectus on Rutland?

So much development is going on in Rutland and now you can see it as it happens. Uptown Rutland Business Association has just launched a cool community map feature to keep you informed on what is being built in your neighbourhood. Check out our interactive Prospectus Map to see all of the recently completed projects, proposed and in-progress, significant development sites, and public investments. The map includes developer contacts, pictures of proposed building designs, as well as progress pictures. The City of Kelowna worked in partnership with URBA to help provide this awesome feature on our website.

Rutland is growing at an incredible rate! Did you know Rutland has projects in-progress that will provide:

-12 new apartment and townhouse complexes with over 500 new rental units

-a city park

-a distillery

-2 hotels on Highway 97

-several beautiful religious centres

-and numerous commercial and industrial units